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Beef Knee Bones (2 Pack)

Beef Knee Bones (2 Pack)

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Slow roasted to perfection  to bring out a delicious, natural flavor dogs love!

 satisfies a dog's natural chewing instinct hand trimmed
no added flavors, colors or preservatives made in the USA

Ingredients: Beef Knee Bone.

Our chews are natural, but can be a little messy so they should be enjoyed on hard surfaces for easy cleaning.


Unlike many recreational bones, knee caps are less likely to splinter and are a safer alternative for tough chewers.They are a smaller bone, so they may not be suitable for large and giant breeds. Recommended chew size is slightly larger than your pet’s mouth.

Always supervise your dog during chewing. If bone should splinter or break remove immediately. Discard any pieces that could be swallowed by your pet. Remove the bone when worn down to a size small enough to cause choking.

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