Our Chews

We are confident that no one in the industry provides a safer and more size appropriate antler chew than Paws & Co. We cut the tips off our chews, and make sure they are always consistent and size appropriate. Our chews are also sanded to remove sharp edges.

We are proud that our premium, A Grade antlers are naturally shed from wild elk – they are the highest quality, freshest, and always hand-selected. Our A Grade antler chews have the most aroma and highest moisture content, making them incredibly attractive to your dog.

What are dipped chews?

Our dipped antlers are packed full of
flavor – they are highly palatable and
perfect for any dog that needs a little
more enticing. The antlers are dipped in
USA-sourced liver, adding extra flavor
without the mess! The liver coating also
contains Taurine, a beneficial amino acid
that aids in cardiac function, eye health,
immune system function, and in multiple
other systems. The addition of this amino
acid is especially important for dogs that
are on a grain-free diet.

What are dipped buttons?

The “buttons” or “burrs” come from the base of the elk antler.  The buttons are most effective at helping clean teeth because the edges around the button are able to get into the crevices of your dog’s teeth better.  Our dipped buttons are also packed full of flavor – perfect for any dog that needs a little more enticing.  The buttons are dipped in beef liver, adding extra flavor without the mess! We are proud that our antlers are naturally shed from wild elk, which means no elk are ever harmed while providing our eco-friendly dog chews.

What are wrapped chews?

Our wrapped antlers are perfect for any
dog – especially those heavy chewers and
high energy pups! Our antlers are
wrapped with a USA-sourced bully stick,
creating an extra challenge and making
our antler chews even longer-lasting.
The wrapped chews are also highly
palatable because the natural bully stick
“juices” sink into the marrow of the
antler, making a delicious flavor for your