We are proud that our premium, Grade A antlers are naturally shed from wild elk, which means no elk are ever harmed while providing our eco-friendly dog chews. At Paws & Co, we care about ALL animals—not just your furry friends at home. No mess, no odor, no processing, no additives, no fillers. All of our antlers are high quality, hand-selected, freshly dropped. Our Grade A brown antler chews have the most aroma and highest moisture content—making them incredibly attractive to your dog! Though our antler color and weight may be affected by local foliage, they are still Grade A antlers for dogs! However, lower-grade antlers can be recognized by their lighter color, chalky-feel, and excessive cracking. Your pet's safety is our top priority, we ask that you always choose the size-appropriate chew for your dog, always supervise your pet during use, and remove the product from your dog when it is worn down to prevent a choking hazard. At Paws & Co, we love our long-lasting antler chews and we know your dog will too!