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antler chews: the earth-friendly dog treat

Did you know that antler chews are a sustainable and eco-friendly product?  They are also cruelty-free!


Elk naturally shed their antlers every year, and regrow another set.
The replacement antlers are then shed the next year, and so on.  Because of this natural cycle, there will always be a ready supply of antlers that replenishes itself every year.


Because our antler chews come from naturally shed antler, all of our products are eco-friendly.
They are a healthier + natural replacement for plastic dog chew toys, and replaces a source of plastic from everyday life.

cruelty free

A lot of people's first thoughts about antler chews is that they are sourced by unethical means. You may even have winced at the idea of elk antlers being used for dog chews, but as mentioned above, antlers are naturally shed every year. Then they are simply collected in nature. The elk are completely unharmed.

When you are choosing a chew or treat for your dog, it's important to think about where they are coming from and the impact they have on nature.


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