How Our Antlers Are Hand-Crafted

We want you to feel confident about the antler chew you are giving your dog, which is why we want you to know all of the details about how our antler chews are crafted by hand. 

Where does it begin?

We have buying agents spread across the West. Our agents buy antlers from thousands of individual shed antler collectors. Once the antler is collected, it is brought to our warehouse here in Colorado. 

We respect and observe all local/state/federal and tribal laws and regulations, and we greatly appreciate the elk and deer herds that provide this wonderful renewable resource. 

Hand-Crafted for Safety

Safety for your dog is our top priority. In order for the antler chews to pass our quality control standard, we have a 6-step process that we implement.
  1. We cut the tips off of all of our antler chews. This is to ensure a safe chewing experience for your dog, their teeth, and their mouths!
  2. We cut size-appropriate chews based on length and width. We want all of our chews to be the appropriate size for your dog's size.
  3. Quality control. Our staff carefully checks the antler chews one-by-one to ensure safety, before moving onto the next steps.
  4. The chews are sanded to remove any sharp edges.
  5. The chews are tumbled in order to smooth the edges.  An added safety measure to help keep your dog safe!
  6. The chews are quality-control checked one more time before being packaged and sent out to furry friends all over the country!

All of our antler chews are free from processing, added fillers or preservatives. 


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