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Where you do you get your antlers from?

The antlers we use for our dog chews are sourced from the Rocky Mountains, where elk and deer naturally shed their antlers every year. Our dog chews are eco-friendly and ethically sourced.

What are the benefits of antler chews?

Our 100% natural chews are full of nutrition with no preservatives. Antlers offer an excellent source of calcium, phosphorus and protein for dogs. They also naturally help keep teeth clean by removing plaque and tartar!

In addition, chewing has many benefits for your dog

Are antler chews safe?

One question most dog parents are asking...are antler chews safe? 
Well...the answer is a bit complicated. Generally speaking, antler chews are safe. However, it depends on where you purchase them from - not all antler chews on the market are safe for your dog.

Our antler chews are hand cut and carefully sanded to remove any sharp, dangerous edges. We also cut the tip off of the antler to ensure a safe chewing experience. 

Here are a few things you can look for when choosing an antler chew for your furry friend at home.

It is important to always supervise your pet during use of any chew or bone. Antler chews are less likely to splinter than other types of bones; however, it is a natural product. If this does happen, remove immediately from your dog. Also, make sure to remove the chew from your dog when it is worn down to prevent a choking hazard. 

Are all antler chews the same?

The short answer: no.

The long answer: There are different "grades" of antler and some antler chews on the market today are not as safe for your pet. Our premium grade antlers are freshly shed and a higher grade. A higher grade chew can be recognized by its brown/light brown color, it will be strong & firm, smooth feeling, and little to no cracking. Lower grade antlers can be recognized by their white/pink color, brittleness, chalky-feel, & excessive cracking

We also take special precautions for your dogs safety. You will always find our antler chews with the tips off and carefully sanded to remove any sharp edges.

What size should I get for my dog?

Your pet's safety is our top priority and we ask that you always choose the size-appropriate chew for your dog. You can find our sizing chart here.

Whole vs. split antler chews – which are better?

The "split" antler chews come from either the base or tines of the elk antler, and then the antler is split into halves or quarters. Most dogs love the split chews because they have access to all of the yummy marrow. Your dog will go crazy for it because the aroma of the marrow is so enticing.

The "whole" antler chews mostly come from the tines of the elk antler, and you guessed it, are left whole (and not split). The whole chews are perfect for aggressive chewers because they will have to work to get to the marrow. Even though your aggressive chewer will go crazy for the split chews, they will most likely go through it too fast and the chew will not be as long-lasting. 

Are antler chews safe for puppies?

To answer that question, it's important to go through the types of antler chews. First - let's talk about moose antler chews. Moose is the softest antler but since they are so soft, they do not last very long and puppies can chew through them faster. On the other side of the spectrum, deer antler chews are the hardest on the market. For this reason, we don't recommend deer antlers for puppies. Finally, we have elk antler chews. They are the perfect happy medium - they are tough enough to be long-lasting but not too tough for your puppy's teeth. All of the chews we offer are elk antler! 

For puppies recommend our split antler chews or our dipped antler chews

The split antler chews come from either the base or tines of the elk antler, and then the antler is split into halves or quarters. The split chews are best because your puppy will have access to all of the yummy marrow.

The dipped antler chews are split antlers that are dipped in USA-sourced liver, adding extra yummy flavor for your puppy! They are also slightly softer because of the dipping process.

Are there different kinds of antler chews?

There are actually a lot of antler chews on the market. Different sizes, styles, and even raw material. You can find moose, deer, and elk antler chews. Find out which kind is best for your dog!

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