Why Buy From Us

We are passionate about our values and we care about your dog's health + happiness.

Paws & Co is an antler chew company created for dogs — committed to raising healthy, happy dogs since 2012. Our Colorado-based company is located near the Rocky Mountains where all of our antlers are sourced. 

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Our History

We have been in the antler buying business for more than 20 years and are one of the largest buyers of antler in the U.S.! However, when we saw how our favorite companions - our dogs - loved the antlers, we entered into the antler chew market.


We are proud that our antlers are naturally shed from wild elk, which means no elk are ever harmed while providing our eco-friendly dog chews. At Paws & Co, we care about ALL animals, not just your furry friends at home. 

Quality & Safety

We implement extraordinary measures to make sure our chews are safe for your dog, including cutting the tips off of the antler, sanding & tumbling to remove sharp edges, and requiring multiple quality control checks before any antler chew goes out the door. 

If we wouldn't give it to our dogs, then we wouldn't give it to yours. We love all pets, not just our own!


We have buying agents spread across the West and our agents buy antlers from thousands of individual shed antler collectors. We instruct our agents to carry out a completely transparent buying process. This includes using certified scales, calling antler grades and weighing antler in front of the seller for consensus, and issuing a detailed receipt of the transaction.

We respect and observe all local/state/federal and tribal laws and regulations. We greatly appreciate the elk and deer herds that provide this wonderful renewable resource and instruct our buyers to ensure that the antlers they buy for us are coming from sellers who have the same values.


We are a strong supporter of second chance and at risk youth hiring in the Denver community. 

We also pay special attention to supporting Native American communities across the West. We have put several million dollars of much needed revenue into these communities over the past few years through antler purchases.

Say hello to our family pets!

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