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  • "chews" happiness

    Did you know that there are many health benefits of chewing? Chewing is a natural instinct for dogs and sometimes they don't always chew on the right things. But chewing does have many benefits for your dog!
  • antler chews: the earth-friendly dog treat

    Did you know that antler chews are a sustainable and eco-friendly product?  They are also cruelty-free!
  • are antler chews safe?

    Generally speaking, antler chews are safe. However, it depends on where you purchase them from - not all antler chews on the market are safe for your dog. Here are a few things you can look for when choosing an antler chew for your furry friend at home.

  • why walks are important for your dog

    Sounds like a given that walks & exercise are important for your dog, right?  Well it happens to be true!  Regular exercise is essential for ma...
  • white carpet tested. dog approved 🐶

    Mess free and odor free - one of the many reasons dog parents love elk antler chews. With antler chews, your dog can enjoy their treat inside and spend more time with you!
  • simplicity that matters

    There are so many chews, bones, and treats out there. So why should you choose antler chews? Simple ingredients. No preservatives. No additives. No processing. Nutritious and delicious. Helps keep teeth clean.
  • nature's dog bone

    Our antler chews come from nature itself. Then they are hand-crafted by us to make a treat that dogs love.
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