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Happy New Year!

Goodbye 2023. Hello 2024!  

As we ring in the new year, it's that time of year again to commit to making new year resolutions.  Let's not forget to make resolutions for our furry friends too!  Make this a great year for them.  Keep reading this month for some fun suggestions to start the year off right with your pet.    

#1 Host a New Year "Pawty"

Socializing our pets is a healthy way to keep them enjoying time with their friends. Invite your dog's besties and yours too. Ring in the new year with your dog's favorite pals and people.  A new year party will provide a positive diverse experience to encourage your dog to enjoy a new experience without being fearful.  Praise will be important throughout the party in order to reward good behavior and encourage the good behavior to continue for the duration of the party. Keep the guest list to those four-legged pals that your dog knows best. Don't make the guest list too large or too noisy.  Hosting a small party will reduce the stress level for everyone. 

Bake homemade treats to share. Chicken bacon biscuits are a crowd pleaser. Sweet potato ingredients are always a big hit.  Frozen bananas are an easy all-natural party treat.  If you prefer to buy dog treats, well that's great too.  We at paws&co recommend our antler powder peanut butter biscuits. Have the human parents bring their favorite treat to share with all the furry guests.  It's a perfect opportunity to get endorsements from those you trust.   Don't forget to have extra bowls of water set out so dogs don't get dehydrated. And remember, no chocolate!

Did everyone receive new toys for Christmas or Hannukah?  Have the guests bring them along to share the fun.  Lik mats, agility courses, puzzle toys, interactive toys etc. What an easy way for all the dogs to try new toys to see what they like best.  You'll know instantly what appeals to your pet!

Take lots of photos!  You'll want to make sure you've got some great snaps of all the fun and the memories made during the party. Take individual shots, best friend shots, and don't forget a group shot of the pups themselves. Make a photo booth frame and have instant cameras on hand so that guests can take their photos home that day. 

Have guests share the new resolutions they made with their pet.  Anyone taking an exciting new adventure?  Fun new trails to try? New exercise routines? Have the pet parents brainstorm together what the focus with their pets will be in 2024!

Don't forget the party favors.  Send the pups home with a cute party favor bag or themed box filled with training treats.  New resolutions might call for new tricks to be learned. So be sure and help a friend out by starting out on the right track.

Happy New Year to all the doggos out there!  Here's to another year of endless snuggles, cuddles, and kisses.  May the new year bring lots of love, joy and fun with your furry companion. 


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