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simplicity that matters

There are so many chews, bones, and treats out there.
So why should you choose antler chews?

1. Simple ingredients.

Well, really only one ingredient: elk antler.
You never have to guess about what you are giving your dog.

2. No junk.

No preservatives. No additives. No chemicals. No processing. 
Just wholesome goodness straight from nature.

3. Nutritious & delicious.

Antlers have a great source of calcium, phosphorus and protein. 
Calcium: contributes to your dog's growth, healthy bones and teeth, muscle building and function, a strong heart, and a healthy nervous system.
Phosphorus: works closely with calcium to help maintain the integrity of bones and teeth.
Protein: plays a vital role in your dog's development, bodily functions, and overall quality of life. It also plays an important role in muscle tissue, connective tissue, hair, and skin. 

4. Keeps teeth clean.

Chewing on antlers can help scrape away plaque buildup, 
improve your doggo's dental hygiene and strengthen their teeth.

antler chews = healthy + happy dogs

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