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Transitioning your dog back in to school season

The summer is coming to an end, which means school will soon be back in session, and all of the adventures & extra activities will be ending. We spend lots of time getting ourselves and kids ready, but what about your dog?
As weird as it sounds, the schedule change does affect your dog too. 
Here are a few ways to help ease the change for your dog.

1. Reduce separation anxiety

In the summer months, your dog spends less time alone and more time having adventures with the family! But when fall rolls around and school begins again, your dog goes back to long days without your company. 
The easiest way to help your dog through the transition is to gradually increase their alone time in the weeks that lead up to returning to school. This will help desensitize them to long regular absences and make more alone time easier to handle, hence reducing their separation anxiety.

2. Incorporate more exercise

When you are busy and your routine changes, you usually don’t have as much time for your dog. That means their walks, playtime, and adventures become shorter or less frequent. This change is hard for them too! For this reason, it's important to continue giving your dog daily exercise. In some cases, they might need a little extra to help them get through the long days. 

3. Help reduce boredom while you're away

You might want to look at getting a puzzle or toy that provides your dog with mental stimulation, usually this will involve treats or food. You can stuff a Kong or similar toy and leave it for your dog when you walk out the door. Even better, pack multiple toys (or make your own) and hide them around the house for your dog to find while you are away! 

If you feel like your dog is really bored and getting anxious, it may be time to get a dog walker or take your dog to doggy daycare!

4. Increase their serotonin

Did you know that the simple act of chewing has been shown to increase serotonin levels in your dog’s brain? If you notice your dog is a little down or depressed, try getting them an antler chew! Our antler chews are natural, safe, and long-lasting, so they provide plenty of healthy chewing time.

Also, when your dog chews, it releases endorphins, which has a comforting and calming affect for your dog! We do however recommend this as an activity while you are home so you can supervise your dog during chewing time. This would be the perfect treat for before or after school!

5. Find a good routine

Dogs are creatures of habit. Changes in their routine can be the biggest cause of stress so it's important to establish a new routine for them. Be sure to set regular feeding, walking, and play times for your doggo.

With these simple tips & tricks, we hope that the new school season will be an easy transition for you, your family, and your dog.

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