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nature's dog bone

Our antler chews come from nature itself. 
Then they are hand-crafted by us to make a treat that dogs love.

more about our antler chews

Did you know that elk & deer naturally shed their antlers every spring and grow another set each year? When the antlers are shed, they are collected by our agents and sent to us! In Colorado, we are home to the largest elk population in the world. Our warehouse is located near the Rocky Mountains where all of our antlers are sourced. 
Then once we receive the antler sheds, we cut them down to size-appropriate chews based on length and width. From there we implement extraordinary measures to make sure our chews are safe for your dog, including sanding & tumbling to remove sharp edges, and requiring multiple quality control checks before any antler chew goes out the door. 
Not all antler chews are the same.
There are different "grades" of antler and some antler chews on the market today are not as safe for your pet. A higher grade chew can be recognized by its brown/light brown color - it will be strong & firm, smooth feeling, and little to no cracking. Lower grade antlers can be recognized by their white/pink color, brittleness, chalky-feel & excessive cracking 
Our premium grade antlers are freshly shed and a higher grade.
We also take special precautions for your dogs safety. 
You will always find our antler chews with the tips off and carefully sanded to remove any sharp edges.
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