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elk antler chew for dogs, natural, no preservatives, no mess, no order, long lasting

Small Split Antler Chew - 5"

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For Dogs Up To 25 Lbs.

Your dog will go crazy for split antler chews because the aroma of the marrow is so enticing! Most dogs prefer this chew and it is perfect for first-time chewers.

Long-lasting chew                 100% natural

No preservatives

Good source of calcium, phosphorus, and protein

Naturally help keep teeth clean by removing plaque and tartar

 All of our chews are hand cut & edges are sanded for safety

Another fun fact: The "split" antler chews come from either the base or tines of the elk antler, and then the antler is split into halves or quarters. 


Your pet's safety is our top priority, we ask that you always choose the size-appropriate chew for your dog, always supervise your pet during use, and remove the product from your dog when it is worn down to prevent a choking hazard. Antler chews are less likely to splinter than other types of bones; however, it is a natural product. If this does happen, remove immediately from your dog.

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